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I realize that it is impossible to find a few examples to draw the desire to people to watch the YouTube video. We pray that the notes below will encourage you not only to watch the video but to help awaken a sleeping church before it is too late! 

Notes Based On:
The Submerging Church
By Joe Schimmel


How The Emerging Church Is Drawing Multitudes

Away From Biblical Christianity'

“Journey with us as we take a closer look at the Emerging Church, its leaders, their teachings and where it is all headed in light of Bible prophecy. If you are familiar with any of the leaders spoken of in this documentary, and you love Truth, then you don't want to miss a second of this.”
(The Submerging Church | Documentary | Joseph M. Schimmel - YouTube)

According to Tony Campolo…“We affirm our divinity by doing what is worthy of gods… “Robert Schuller affirms our divinity, yet  does not deny our humanity…isn’t that what the gospel is?” Anthony Campolo, Partly Right 1995 Thomas Nelson

 “We meet with the government leaders, we meet with the business leaders and we meet with the pastors. We train the pastors but we also meet with these legs of the stool so that they understand they have to bring the church to the table.” (Rick Warren, The Submerging Church | Documentary | Joseph M. Schimmel - YouTube)

These paragraphs are some of the information that you can hear when watching The Submerging Church by Joe Schimmel.


“Chuck Fromm arranged for me to spend three days at the Hilton Hotel in Ontario, CA in the mid-eighties, where Peter Drucker addressed a group of church leaders and seminary professors. Bob Buford sponsored the the meeting. At that meeting Buford explained to us that leadership communities are small groups of innovators and thought leaders pursuing a common ministry outcome, sharing ideas, developing strategy, and benchmarking measurements. Leadership Network discovered Emerging ministry initiatives and carefully invites strategic leaders into these communities of peers who are seeking to improve their personal and organizational performance in the focused outcome areas.” -Paul Ssmith, New Evangelicalism: The New World Order, 2011, p, 149 (Calvary Publishing)

 “…Paul Smith stated that ‘Peter Drucker and Bob Buford targeted the Calvary Chapel movement’ because they had over 50 megachurches in the 1980’s.”…

“The rise and development of the Emerging (Emergent) Church Movement became both a significant collaborator and delivery system for the major paradigm shift that has affected and infiltrated the mindset of many evangelical notion that the church must become postmodern in order to reach secular America. … The shift includes a definitive move away from belief in absolute truth. The shift, sadly but most importantly, includes the accommodating and compromising retreat by many away from the belief that the Bible is without error.” Paul Smith, New Evangelicalism: The New World Order, 2011, p.149 (Calvary Publishing)

Smith states that “Drucker was intrigued with the megachurch from a specifically sociological and economic point of view. Any megachurch would do just fine; as long as it was pragmatically meeting the felt needs of people. The spiritual beliefs of a particular megachurch were really not a concern for Drucker…so it made sense to him that the ambiance of the megachurch should do, above all, seeker friendly. After all his personal pursuit of spirituality was fulfilled in Kierkegaard and Eastern mysticism.” …The downhill ride on the slippery slope picked up more influential people in America and evolved into a most ominous unbiblical Emerging movement…” ibid, p. 123

 Peter Drucker writes “At some unmarked point during the last twenty years we imperceptibly moved out of the Modern Age and into a new, as yet nameless era. Our view of the world [has] changed… There is a new spiritual center to human existence.” Peter Drucker, Landmarks of Tomorrow, 1959, p. ix (Harper)

In the video we hear the voice of Doug Pagitt being interviewed by Chris Rosebrough, “Leadership Network also was a very powerful force in all of this. When I would call on somebody or go visit a church or,  you know, go to an event and I would say ‘I’m with Leadership Network,’ people tended to know what that meant” …”So it wasn’t, I mean it wasn’t the ‘Doug Pagitt-ness’ so much as it was, you know, the power of the position.”

Interviewer: “…You had the clout of Bob Buford and Peter Drucker and the Willowcreek Association, the Saddleback Association all behind you.”

Pagitt “Yeah. I mean it was like ‘Hey! Those are people, I know what that group is. They write some good stuff and they do some good things.’”

 Rick Warren says, “The biggest mistake the churches make is we think that sermons will produce spiritual maturity.

now from way back when our ancestors understood that there's something divine about our breath

 Chapter 2

What are Emergent leaders saying about the bible and how to interpret the bible?

Rick Warren states of Peter Drucker, “…he’s my mentor. I’ve spent 20 years under his tutelage learning about leadership from him…” Rick Warren, The Pew Forum’s Angle Conference, May 2005

“The third leg of the stool is the churches. There’s a public sector role, there’s a private sector role and there’s a faith sector role.”

  In “New Evangelicalism: The New World Order, Paul Smith writes “Emergent church leaders are focused on unity and a worldwide oneness reflected in the growing union between Eastern and Western cultures and thinking.”

“It is God who established the infinite value of every person who mystically dwells in each person.” Anthony Campolo, A Reasonable Faith, page 59.1983 (Word Books)

“A Reasonable Faith”, Responding to Secularism 1983, Anthony Campolo p 190 (Word Books) “There are some warnings that to issue to anyone reading this book…any attempt to state the gospel in the dominate a categories of a culture inevitably leads to a distortion of the gospel, consequently, anyone who accuses me of violating the biblical message…is correct.”

Chapter 3

How do Emergent leaders deal with eschatology?

“So we must stop looking for some objective Truth that is available when we delve into the text of the Bible.”... -Tony Jones, Postmodern Youth Ministry, 2010 p. 201 (Zondervan Youth Specialties)

“Our deepest fear is not that we are powerful beyond measure… It’s our light, not our darkness, that most frightens us. Your playing small doesn’t serve the world:” Voice of new age occultist Marianne Williamson from her audiobook “A Return To Love.”

 Chapter 5

“How are the Emergent Church and the Purpose Driven movements related?”...