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I took a walk this evening to spend a little quiet time with Father. Something happened in our household today that I needed to pray about. As I walked by our neighbor’s house, I saw the owner sitting in his living room. He and I had talked a couple of weeks ago while we were working in our back yards. He shared with me some of his family history. Tonight, I thought about what might be going on in his life right now. Then my eyes turned to the house across the street and the same question came to mind. Each of us has something going on in our lives that we could write a story about, if we desired to share it with others. Sadly, some people keep their stories bottled up within them. It’s not that we want to know about everything that is happening with everyone. It’s about what others need and what the Father wants us to do to meet those needs. I don’t necessarily mean financial needs. What may be more important in their lives is their spiritual needs. Do they believe in God? If they do, do they have a relationship with Him. Do they know Jesus? Have they accepted Him as their Lord and Savior? While their spiritual needs are the highest priority in their lives, they could also need someone they can talk to, or spend some time with to fill up their loneliness. We have no idea what is going on in others’ lives. God does. He causes our paths to cross with people who need a touch of the Father’s love. That could be a listening ear, a walk, a backyard sports activity, or whatever Father shows us to do with/for another person. Our job is to listen to the whisper of the Holy Spirit and then, to be obedient to what He shows us. If we are a shy person, it might be difficult for us to put ourselves out there. However, that’s part of our spiritual training as the Father grows us in our relationship with Him. That, in turn, becomes part of our story. Have you started writing your story? Father showed me just recently that it was time to start writing mine. It’s an exciting experience to allow Him to show you where He has brought you from, what He has brought you through, and where He is taking you to. If you aren’t ready to write your story, start writing in a daily journal. It may start out as boring, mundane entries. But eventually, you’ll start writing your thoughts as well as your activities. After a while, go back and read what you wrote in the beginning. You’ll be surprised at how much your writing has changed. Your story will include others’ stories if you allow the Holy Spirit to show you who has a story they need to share. I’m one of those outgoing persons who likes to greet people with a smile or a wave. For me, I think it’s the Father’s way of opening up a doorway into someone’s story.  If they aren’t ready yet, then we can pray for them as the Father leads us. But if they sense that we are genuinely open to listening to them, then they will feel comfortable to begin a conversation with us. The conversation may be short, at first, and then grow longer as they become more comfortable sharing time with us. Listen as the Father guides you, with your heart, eyes, and spirit, as well as with your ears. Another’s story will become a part of your story. And each story becomes a part of the Father’s story about our love for each other and about His love for us. 
Posted 04 October 2021



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